The UB faculty profiles site is publicly accessible by anyone on the internet. The information published on this site can be used for academic and marketing purposes. Certain limitations are applied to the content that is being published and distributed across various online channels.

Please read the following guidelines carefully

You are responsible to maintain your own faculty profile information accurately. Basic information such as First Name, Last Name, and email are automatically fetched for you when the profile is created and cannot be changed by yourself. However, you can change your display name to include prefixes, designations, and other qualifications associated with you.

Do not upload any other profile picture other than a headshot. Avoid uploading group photos, blurry images, and squeezed or stretched images.

Do not include links to other websites such as social media pages, social media groups, affiliate marketing sites, product recommendations, etc.,

Do not use informal language while describing your biography, education, and publications.

Do not publish personal phone, email, or addresses as this information will be available on the internet and can be used to exploit or commit fraud. Keep your personal contact private and safe.

The University of Bridgeport may ask for the authenticity of the information that is being posted and reserves the right to redact content if the information associated with a faculty profile is incorrect.

How to access my profile?

  • You need be a current faculty at UB
  • Login to MyUB Portal
  • Under My Profile section on the right hand side, click on ‘My Faculty Profile‘ to login.
  • After login, click on ‘Edit my profile‘ from the main menu.
  • Click on the ‘gear icon‘ on your profile picture to start editing your page.


If you are having trouble accessing your profile page, please contact